Triangle2 Philanthropy Coaching

We help nonprofits increase their mission impact through customized strategic and development planning.

Mission Success – helping our nonprofit partners create effective plans to achieve their fundraising goals, grow their donor base and develop fundraising talent in staff and volunteers.

Our Clients Love

Annual Fund

All fundraising programs begin with annual fund programs. T2 offers annual fund planning solutions, which include assessments, case statement outlines, case development, donor segmenting, donor prospecting, and stewardship planning.

Mission success - creating a sustainable program to grow your donor base, identify potential major giving prospects, and enhance your brand awareness.

Major Gifts University

Whether you are starting a program or have a well-oiled machine, Major Gifts University offers courses for every level of staff and volunteers. T2's team offers sessions on wealth screening and prospect identification, as well as case development, cultivation strategies, solicitation and stewardship management planning.

Mission success - identifying and qualifying major giving prospects, creating strategies for your top 10 donors, and developing a pipeline of donors for the future.

Capital Campaign

T2 partners with nonprofits in all phases of capital campaigns from planning and feasibility to ribbon cutting and beyond. Our team will work with you to develop a goal, a case for support, identify lead donors and develop volunteers and staff.

Mission success - planning and implementing an achievable capital campaign, funds are raised, volunteers are engaged, project is completed.

Fund Development Team Assessment

T2 will work with you to assess the health and capacity of your fund development team. Our team will identify gaps as well as opportunities for growth and improvement.

Mission success - assessment will lead to a plan to grow and develop talent on the fundraising team, creating goals, plans and accountability.

Our Approach





Data Driven Solutions

What should we track?

Our team will identify the metrics you need to support your strategic goals. No more hunches. From now on, you’re using data to make decisions.

Where will we get it?

T2 pulls data from Operations, Engage, NPS surveys, primary research, and benchmarking studies and puts it into context for you.

What should we do with it?

We work with hundreds of organizations to align strategic plans with current capacity. Our recommendations are based on our experience and expertise— backed up by hard data.

How will we get it done?

T2 will deliver the plans and coaching to ensure staff can deliver. Our team will provide insights and advice for the duration of the project to make sure you get results.

What results will we see?

If you want to grow membership, retention, contributions, participation, and community impact, T2’s data-driven services can take you there.

What you don't need

What you need to know

Practical solutions that can be implemented today and over time.

Ready to get started?

Take the philanthropy readiness assessment!

Our Principles

Everyone benefits from more intelligence and more innovation.

Increasing Mission Success means significant, measurable advancements that prove your organization is doing what you say in your mission statement, vision, or other plans.

Over the past 21 years Triangle2 has developed and refined research, analytics, and process models that are based on reliable statistics and proven through our work with a variety of organizations.

We don’t do cookie cutter proposals, services, or solutions. We work with potential clients through a “Here to There” process to determine organizational needs and desired outcomes.

When you work with Triangle2 you don’t get one consultant. We are a team of professionals with experience as nonprofit leaders who work well together. You will have a team leader as your primary point of contact.

You want outcomes, not consulting. Our goal is to provide solutions that deliver significant, measurable improvements in your organization’s mission success. We keep working until you are satisfied.

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