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We are about Mission Intelligence (data and insights) and Mission Innovation (what does the data compel us to do).  Every project we facilitate includes elements of both.  These two foundational pillars drive our approach:  DISCOVER -> LEAD -> PLAN -> EXECUTE. Scroll down for details on our simple, practical approach to Mission Success.

Mission Success

Mission Intelligence is Triangle2’s way of organizing data and insights (head + heart) in a way that creates confidence.   It’s meaningful and engages all personality types within any given group.  Mission Intelligence tells a compelling story of what is happening internally and externally for an organization.

Mission Innovation is Triangle2’s way of facilitating discussion with small or large groups in a way that creates enthusiasm.  It creates clear, concise, compelling and courageous action steps for every level of leader in an organization.


Different Solutions, Same Approach





The amount of data accessible to organizations today can be overwhelming.  We have access to thousands of data collection tools and hone in on the ones that deliver the most relevant insights to your organization’s mission.

Internal Perception

Internal Perception —Survey questions and tools to collect insights from your key stakeholders. You want to know what’s top of mind to those most invested in your mission.

External Perception

External Perception —How do those outside your organization feel about your organization? Bring brand awareness into your dialogue with your key stakeholders.

Internal Trends —Transactional and transformational measures of mission success year over year. Gauge what you measuring and reporting in regard to your organization’s overall mission.

External Trends —How has the area you serve changed over the last 10+ years, what does it look like now and what will it be in the future? Plan according to what is coming rather than what you hope for.

Stephen R. Covey said it best, Leadership is a choice, not a position. Today’s leaders are not the ones who know it all, they are the ones who can facilitate the shared knowledge of a group. The best projects are the ones that generate input from many, decisions from few and arrive at a place that no one person could have ever imagined was possible on their own.

Self Awareness

Self Awareness — an accurate self assessment of personal strengths and opportunities for growth, translates to intrinsic motivation and confidence.

Others Awareness

Other Awareness — an empathy extended to everyone recognizing strengths rather than weaknesses, translates to a person who builds great partnerships and has organizational awareness.

Self Management

Self Management — an optimism about situations that provides transparency and adaptability, translates to initiative and contentment in any circumstance.

Team Management

Team Management — a change catalyst and inspirational leader, translates to building great teams that accomplish genuine mission success.

Our process yields a clear, concise, compelling and courageous roadmap of what needs to be prioritized, how to allocate resources and what measurable success can be expected.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning — 1 to 4 years.

Capital Planning

Capital Planning — Plan for new building and renovation projects.

Vision Planning

Vision Planning — 5 to 10 years.

Financial Development

Financial Development — Plan for larger annual giving campaigns and philanthropy that provides more major gifts.

Have you ever left the planning room with immense energy around what was on the dry erase board only to find months later it never left? 90% of the world’s most incredible ideas die in the execution phase. Our team does not leave after the goal is made because Triangle2 is not about mission dreams, we are about Mission Success.


Focus — if everything is most important, nothing is most important.


Measure — Mission Success is reached by focusing on the leading transformational indicators, not the lagging transactional indicators.


Adjust — revisit your leading indicators routinely to pivot as needed based on new, trending data.


Celebrate — the team must have a cadence of celebrating both the accomplishments as well as celebrate the continued opportunities of the organization.

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