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Mission creep is the #1 reason nonprofits aren’t running more effectively.

Outcomes that don’t measure up with your focus will lead to all sorts of problems that distract from your mission and cause your team to be frustrated and overwhelmed.

The Triangle2 Solutions team is here to help

We work with social sector organizations looking for clarity around how to measure Mission Success. Clear, concise, compelling and courageous action items rooted in data is how we deliver confidence and facilitation that brings enthusiasm back to your organization.

  • Do you feel like you are chasing money that does not fully connect to your mission?

  • Are your board members recommending 100+ initiatives other than the ones you really need from them?

  • Is the energy it takes to recruit, engage and retain staff draining your capacity for growth?

  • Is your calendar controlled more by reactive fires than proactive strategy?

  • Are the measurable results tracked by your team transactional, lagging indicators of success?

  • Do you lay in bed at night and wake up in the morning dreaming of transformational, leading indicators for Mission Success?

Our Principles

Everyone benefits from more intelligence and more innovation.

Increasing Mission Success means significant, measurable advancements that prove your organization is doing what you say in your mission statement, vision, or other plans.

Over the past 22 years Triangle2 has developed and refined research, analytics, and process models that are based on reliable statistics and proven through our work with a variety of organizations.

We don’t do cookie cutter proposals, services, or solutions. We work with potential clients through a “Here to There” process to determine organizational needs and desired outcomes.

When you work with Triangle2 you don’t get one consultant. We are a team of professionals with experience as nonprofit leaders who work well together. You will have a team leader as your primary point of contact.

You want outcomes, not consulting. Our goal is to provide solutions that deliver significant, measurable improvements in your organization’s mission success. We keep working until you are satisfied.


Solutions you can trust to get your organization the results it needs

Backed by more than 20+ years of experience, we believe mission success is a critical needs for organizations like yours. That’s why we’ve built four solutions born from our science-backed approach built alongside of working with leading companies to help build custom solutions to help our partners succeed.

Our Approach





Trusted by Organizations Everywhere

What our clients are saying

Triangle2 calmly and professionally guided us through a process which could have been very unnerving. The big wins for our church leadership were ownership, great feedback and enthusiasm. Triangle2 Solutions brought great understanding to the organic and Spirit-led nature of church while facilitating a well-defined plan with solid next steps

Bobby Simpson Hardin Valley Church of Christ

The continued data, analytics and insights that the Triangle2 Team provides has taken our organization into an entirely new level of innovation. We are not only developing at an exceptional rate internally, we are now looked to as a thought leader among our entire organizational network.

Ronn McMahon YMCA of Greater Wichita

The professionalism and experience of the Triangle2 team is awesome, but it’s the fun they bring to every single project that motivates and energizes our staff and volunteers. It does not matter if we are pulling data or hosting a organizational summit, when Triangle2 is involved I can guarantee that everyone involved will be fired up with confidence on what is possible.

Peter Ferguson Day 7

The best reference I can give is the fact that I've encouraged other ministers and churches in my network contact info about using Triangle2. Whether engaging in a staff transition or looking to build on current initiatives, Wes Bender is the guy to do it. Triangle2 brings a level of transparency, passion and intellect to every project.

David Clayton Senior Minister

    What does it look like to work with Triangle2?

    Step 1: Take an initial assessment

    Step 2: Schedule a free zoom call to review your results and discuss Mission Intelligence

    Step 3: Host a Here 2 There Session for your leadership team

    Step 4: Develop a customized project scope for Mission Success

    5 Keys to Mission Critical Success

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    5 Keys to Mission Critical Success

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    "Since our inception in 2001, we have existed to listen for organizational needs and create solutions to meet those needs. Our core passion for our clients’ Mission Success has only grown deeper and our tools and team have only grown stronger."

    Lori Swann, CEO

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